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The African Penguin Story

The African Penguin Story

Duration:2 timmar totalt
Includes:Mat och Drinkar
Languages:Erbjuds på Engelska
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Om din värd

I am a life-time penguin conservationist, also a widely-published journalist, author, game ranger, shark-loving surfer and part-time snake wrangler with a story or two to tell. My career as a conservationist was inspired at the age of nine when I encountered the first pair of African penguins to ever nest on Boulders Beach and wrote a story about them that got published, thus beginning my journey…

Om AfriOceans conservation Alliance

AfriOceans Conservation Alliance (AOCA) is a registered non-profit organisation known globally for its unique campaign work, exciting research projects and education and awareness initiatives. AOCA are considered leaders in shark conservation and marine-focused environmental education in South Africa. They conduct REAL Projects: Research. Education. Awareness and Lobbying initiatives.
Detta är en ideell upplevelse där 100 % av det du betalar för upplevelsen går till AfriOceans conservation Alliance. .

Vad vi kommer att göra

Dive into the fascinating life of these endangered birds, off the beaten track and away from the tourist traps. Over the space of an easy, 2 hour-walk across beach, tarred road and wooded boardwalk, we will go "behind the scenes" and into secret spaces seldom seen by others as we discover these amazing birds at all different stages of their lifecycle. From encountering sprightly new-born chicks…

Vad mer du bör veta

If I am not available, your guide will be another penguin expert (Terry or Becca). Bring sunblock + a sunhat + sunglasses. Selfie-sticks are not permitted. The walk is generally doable in all weather

Vad jag skickar in

Fruit juice

Vad man ska ha med sig

Sunhat, sunblock, small towel, walking shoes (sandals are fine), camera (selfie sticks are forbidden)
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276 kr per person
276 kr per person