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The Austin Blind Cafe Experience

The Austin Blind Cafe Experience

Duration:3 timmar totalt
Includes:Mat, Drinkar och Utrustning
Languages:Erbjuds på Engelska

Om din värd

Rosh, an American singer-songwriter, attended a dark cafe in Reykjavik, Iceland while on tour in 2007. After engaging socially in the dark, he designed an intimate music listening and dinner experience in 100% darkness, music performed by his band Rosh & the Blind Cafe Orchestra. In 2010, Rosh met Rick Hammond, a blind poet and Richie Flores, a blind singer-songwriter and invited them to…

Om The Blind Cafe

The Blind Café is a social impact organization that uses concept of social engagement in 100% darkness to create innovative and imaginative pop-up experiences that profoundly impact people's social perspective. We're sponsored under the 501(c)3 of the Boulder County Arts Alliance, which is dedicated to providing professional development to the arts community through its programming and services.
Detta är en ideell upplevelse där 100 % av det du betalar för upplevelsen går till The Blind Cafe. .

Vad vi kommer att göra

Welcome to The Austin Blind Cafe Experience, an award winning positive social impact evening! In this experience, you will be challenged to socially engage as you break bread with strangers, participate in a discussion with our legally Blind Ambassadors, and experience an intimate music in the dark showcase. There will be no distraction of your visual conditioning, social etiquette, or cell…

Vad mer du bör veta

Please be advised we will be in 100% darkness. It is very easy to become disoriented. You will be in close proximity to other people’s space. Please be respectful and use your voice when needed.

Vad jag skickar in

Snacks and Other
A fixed mystery menu. A Dark Chocolate Tasting You'll break bread over a family style menu, all gluten-free and vegan. A Dark Chocolate tasting of varied brands will be provided.
Glass of wine Additional wine may be purchased onsite.
100% Pure Darkness! We'll provide you with a 100% pitch dark experience. It takes us up to 1.5 days to set up the room. We never use blindfolds!
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945 kr per person
945 kr per person