Miss your PET? Walk dogs in a shelter

Miss your PET? Walk dogs in a shelter

Duration:4.5 timmar totalt
Includes:Drinkar, 1 biljett och Utrustning
Languages:Erbjuds på Engelska
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Om din värd

This experience was addictive for me: I quit the gym and started coming here weekly to share love and energy with these unlucky beloved animals who deserve and take the most out of our time together. I work, have a private life and go helping the dogs once per week: I can only take 4 guests per time, I'm usually fully booked, if you cancel last minute or delay the group tens of dogs will stay in…

Vad vi kommer att göra

What you are paying (minus airbnb commission) goes to rescue stray dogs in Ukraine that otherwise are killed. I'll pick you up to go to the shelter and will provide all the useful infos for a safe, involving and entertaining afternoon. I'll introduce you to the dogs and explain basic rules of the shelter to walk them around and play with them. I'll be walking dogs aswell and will be there for you…

Vad mer du bör veta

You can leave your effects(or clothes change) in my car safely but if you want to carry something with you backpack is the only solution: you will need hands to be free. Confortable clothes and shoes!

Vad jag skickar in

No Water Bring yours: drinkable water from toilets is far from walking areas and you will loose time and leave the group to reach it
You can't access freely You need to have a pass and a guide
I will bring leash/pens If you have yours you can take it

Vad man ska ha med sig

water: you'll be thirthty
backpack if need to carry mobile etc
confortable clothes
shoes change if you want
your leash if prefered
loads of love for the dogs
dogs biscuits
tennis balls
56 kr per person
56 kr per person