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Hiking in the wild river Paiva

Hiking in the wild river Paiva

Duration:5 timmar totalt
Includes:Utrustning och Transport
Languages:Erbjuds på Engelska

Om din värd

I am a journalist in love with nature and the rivers and President of the NGO SOS Rio Paiva. I dedicate myself to activism in the defense of nature, animals and especially one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe: Rio Paiva. I like to explore nature and to make it known to others. I am kind, friendly and peaceful.

Om SOS Rio Paiva

SOS. Rio Paiva is a regional non-governmental organization of reference in the preservation, defense and regeneration of Paiva river - its water courses, forests, habitats, cultural heritage and its people.
Detta är en ideell upplevelse där 100 % av det du betalar för upplevelsen går till SOS Rio Paiva. .

Vad vi kommer att göra

The itinerary begins in the city of Porto. We will travel by car to the village of Castelo de Paiva where we begin the walk along the banks of the Paiva River. At the end we will have a reassuring lunch and return to the city of Porto.

Vad jag skickar in

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Information about Paiva river and it's conservation

Vad man ska ha med sig

Footwear and comfortable clothing
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388 kr per person