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Lake Tahoe

Låt Lake Tahoes orörda omgivningar inspirera dig till att vandra, åka bräda och båt samt hålla Tahoe blå.

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Since Tahoe's one main road comprises just two-lanes, locals appreciate you maintaining the speed limit, a difficult feat with the jaw-dropping peripheral vistas. Simply pull over if you wish to goggle. The TART, Valley Express, and the free Night Rider make getting around Lake Tahoe possible without having your own car. Boats and water taxis also provide alternatives to wheeled options. Don’t forget to pack chains if you don't have four-wheel drive, they are mandatory for several roads.

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Natural attractions, outdoor sports, ski bums, snow bunnies, crisp mountain air, crystal clear water, hiking trails, party cabins, retirees, gambling

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Locals Love

Keeping Tahoe blue, fresh powder, back country, long winters, the off-season, summer music series, river floats, local’s discount, dog friendly beaches

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Locals Complain About

Lift lines, sparse snowfall, gapers, weekenders, holiday crowds, bears, lake pollution, traffic to and from Tahoe City, chain control, expansion plans, Reno