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Los Angeles

Berömda stjärnor, snabba bilar och glittrande kuster står i centrum av Los Angeles kändisstatus.

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Los Angeles is huge. Traveling by car is your best bet, and you can usually bet on traffic, especially during rush hour. Buses are few and far in between, and don't stray much from the beaten path. The Metro Rail is an improvement and will take you to most well-known destinations. A single ride on either bus or rail costs $1.50. Biking, blading, and boarding are ideal in beach-side neighborhoods.

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Hollywood, actors who are really waiters, waiters who are really actors, the red carpet, Rodeo Drive, art, beaches, boardwalks, surf, sun, sand, smog

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The beach, the sunset, The Lake Show, PCH, Griffith Observatory, The Arts District, name dropping, independent venues, cupcakes, chicken and waffles

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Long lines, cover charges, traffic, driving, parking, the smog layer, the marine layer, June gloom, everyone trying to be famous, the tabloids