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Rio de Janeiro

Allt från sandstränder till Samba-rytmer. Rio de Janeiro får dig alltid på fall.

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Most Cariocas rely on the bus, metro and taxi systems. During the night buses and taxis – which are very cheap – will take you where you need to go. The clean and safe metro, R$ 3.20 per ride, is constantly expanding its coverage. Locals and confident travelers may use private vans located all around the city and in the favelas. Although driving a car is not difficult, finding a place to park can be hard and expensive.

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Carnival, samba, sultriness, sizzling beaches, caipirinhas, Brazilian bikinis, Sugarloaf Mountain’s Christ the Redeemer statue, the World Cup, favelas

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Being carioca, bike riding, sunbathing, sand sports, ocean sports, light beer, fresh juice, staying fit, sunset, going to the same beach spot their whole lives

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Leaving Rio, having to go to São Paulo for any reason, weather not fit for the beach, polluted water, favela safaris, formality