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San Francisco

Passionerade medborgare ser till att San Francisco alltid ligger i framkanten gällande mat, konst och digitala trender.

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The MUNI, comprised of rail and bus systems, work well for getting around the city. BART will take you to much of the surrounding areas. MUNI is $2.00 and BART varies based on the distance you travel. Biking is an extremely popular mode of transit, and you can plan your route online to avoid major hills. Caltrain takes commuters south to Silicon Valley. If you’re short on time, taxis are always an option. Depending upon your destination, a ferry across the bay may work for you.

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The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Victorian architecture, steep hills, dense fog, gay pride, bohemianism, Beatniks, tech start ups, culinary prowess

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Unseasonably warm weather, The 49ers, The Giants, the wiggle, IT’S IT, defining neighborhoods

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Unseasonably cold weather, parking tickets, impenetrable fog, people getting their neighborhood wrong