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The cabin in the snowy winter.
The cabin in the snowy winter.
  • The view from the entrance road.
  • The cabin in the snowy winter.
  • The view over the lake Lambitjärn, no one else lives around the lake, it's like a big private pool - frozen, but still!
  • Looking down from your house seeing the sauna that is included in the price. Nothing beats a winter sauna and running out in the snow, rolling around and then back in! You have to try it!
  • Looking down on the farm and the miles of view to the south. Not a sign of civilization!
  • Taken from a bit north on the farm, the untuched snow cover. Be the first to make a mark!
  • The farm from the top, facing a 1 km slope to the south toward the lake.
  • A group staying at the cabin during summer.
  • Hammarstugan, view from south.
  • The hall, with the kitchen to the left and the livingroom at the right.
  • Dining/living room
  • The house is big enough for meetings, here one about Permaculture. Your host, Joel, doing the presentation.
  • The kitchen area.
  • The loft, above the kitchen area.
Right now there are two beds there.
  • The livingroom, with acess to the kitchen. Nice if you want to hang around while the food is cooking.
  • Some of the beds, closest to the bathroom door. The closest bunk bed is now a single bed.
  • The beds furthest in.
  • Toilet and washer. If you need to wash your clothes we provide an evironmentally friendly washing powder.
  • The bathroom in the cabin.
  • The gate down to the sauna and the lake, Lambitjärn.
  • The sauna, with a nice porch.
  • The anteroom to the sauna, where you can sit and have a drink and a nice chat before or after the heat.
  • Outside the sauna is the bridge with the boat, canoe and the ladder into the water!
  • The entrace door in the summer.
  • The bridge down by the sauna with the rowing boat, feel free to use it for a tour round the lake.
  • Inside the sauna, with the obligatory water bucket for splashing of the walls (and sometimes each other:)
  • The wiev outside the cabin towards the lake and sauna.
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The cabin in the snowy winter.