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Mat och restauranger i Istanbul

Bästa restaurangerna

“Galata Tower is one of the oldest towers in Istanbul. It was built by the Byzantine Emperor in 528. Galata Tower was known as Tower of Christ until 1348. In 17th Century, Hazarfen Ahmet Celebi flew from Galata to Uskudar with his wooden eagle wings and it was significant moment in our history. Galata Tower was used for many purposes, for example fire observation tower, prison and a lighthouse. Nowadays, the tower is known as one of the places to be seem and also welcomes visitors as a restaurant.”
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“You can try 360 Istanbul to chill out on the terrace with fantactic view . They also have a stylish kitchen with contemporary Turkis dishes. ”
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“One of the must see places in Istanbul and you have to get boat and I think boat is the best transportation in Istanbul :) Bosphorus smell is a must also ”
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“Nice place for a traditional Turkish breakfast. Probably the most affordable one around the neighborhood.”
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Turkisk restaurang
“I love Çiya because here I can taste different food recipes from Turkey's Southeast regions... This restaurant is a delicious cuisine exploration of local foods - even for a local! :)”
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Turkisk restaurang
“One of the best restaurants in Istanbul where you can find fine Mediterranean food along with some traditional Turkish food.”
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“5. Kat Restaurant has an amazing view of the Bosphorus on the European side. During the day the view is one beauty. At night you have an entirely different atmosphere. If you catch the evening on a full moon, 5. Kat is the perfect place to view the full moon overlooking the Bosphorus. The service and food are great. Waiters are always pleasant . The appetizers, meat dishes and coctails are delicious. For a romantic evening, you will want to ask for Table #1. Make reservations ahead of time.”
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“Nusr-Et Steakhouse opened its doors in 2010. The restaurant quickly became the sector’s leader with its top quality steaks, unprecedented service quality, boutique concept and still remains as number 1. By offering many unique options to meatlovers, Nusr-Et quickly brought extra flair to the steakhouse culture and still serves as an indispensable location for its guests. The restaurant became the one and only address for meatlovers since its opening and continues to be different and special with its rich food offerings, warm atmosphere and top notch service. Nusr-Et Steakhouse always prioritize its guest comforts and tasty habits in all of its branches and continues to be the number one choice for meatlovers in Istanbul Etiler, Istanbul Sandal Bedesteni, Ankara Kavaklıdere, D-Hotel Maris, Bodrum Yalıkavak Marina, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Miami, New York And Mykonos. Nusr-Et Burger carries Nusr-Et Steakhouse’s taste and service legacy into a burger joint concept. Nusr-Et Burger accomodates all of its precious guests in its Bebek, Nişantaşı, Kanyon and İstinyePark branches.”
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“For my taste the best coffee in Istanbul. Located in the heart of Cihangir - a cool neighborhood close to Taksim.”
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“Local favorite coffee spot! It's the perfect place to relax after an afternoon spent exploring Karakoy!”
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“If you wanna drink delicious coctail before going to club or turning back home with cool people. Geyik is the spot! ”
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“Great for breakfast. Very good Turkish breakfast. they have a small garden in the back, definitely seat there. ”
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“Beautiful garden they have prices are a little high but the staff was really helpfull. It has a cozy atmosphere to take a seat and chit chat with friends.Food is OK.”
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“You feel home and it’s one of the unique places with photos taken by Ara Güler (He is one of the Magnum Photographers)”
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“The famous cafe entitled with the name of Pierre Loti, a famous French writer, is reached on getting to this ridge on which the perfect view of Golden Horn can be watched. The real name of Pierre Loti, who lived in Istanbul for long years and was a real Istanbul lover, was Julien Viaud.The historical cafe is the most ideal place to watch this mentioned view. It is said that, in those years Pierre Loti used to come this cafe often, named as “Rabia Kadın Kahvesi” in those years, and write his novel “Aziyade” overlooking Golden Horn.Today, this district, still kept as an original Turkish settlement by being restorated, consists of many spaces serving as a tourist facility.The district is also mentioned in Evliya Çelebi’s Seyahatname ( travel book) as “Idris Köşkü Mesiresi”. There are many historical artifacts and building in Pierre Loti, commonly visited by tourists and travelers who come to Istanbul in 19th century. Double-epigraphed, wooden “Kaşgari Tekkesi”, dated 1813 and located on the way from the tourist facility to Eyüp Mosque, is one of these structures.Another important Persian-epigraphed building, at the right corner of the service area and located at a trivium, is “Çolak Şeyh Hasan Türbesi.” A part of this building is çilehane(çilehane is a place in which a dervish undergoes and suffers to strength his patience.) and Çolak Hasan Dede’s grave is here too.The historical building, on the same way with “Çolak Şeyh Hasan Tekkesi”, is “Sıbyan Mektebi” or a nursery school in today’s context. (Today, that school is used as a prayer room that belongs to the service area.)The grave of a whirling dervish called “Iskender Dede”, passed away in 1589,takes place in Pierre Loti Tourist Facility located forefront Sıbyan Mektebi that was built by Ottoman history writer İdris-i Bitlisi.One of the two water wells infront of Iskender Dede is the famous “Dilek Kuyusu” (a water well for wishes) Evliya Çelebi writes about this water well in his Seyahatname and says: the people who look in to the well, can see their own wishes they keep in their hearts. There is also a drinking fountain next to the frontage of Sıbyan Mektebi.In addition, a cistern, supposed to be built in Byzantine period, survives in the middle of the garden area in the tourist facility.”
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“Good for breakfast, tea, coffee or quick meals. Friendly and communicative people around. That includes me. Meeting point of the neighborhood. Have beer or wine in the evening.”
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“Baylan is famous for its 'Kup Griye' but any desert you choose will be, no doubt, tasty! There is also another Baylan in Bebek, neighborhood. However this is the original place. Interior is historic. Therefore I would recommend you to visit Baylan in Kadıköy (Anatolian side)”
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“Cuppa is a cozy, well decorated cafe. Famous for its homemade breads and breakfast options. ”
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“Great famous and very good Turkish sweets. You can have a quick lunch on the budget as well. ”
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“A very nice bakery. Great spot to get a quick breakfast with pastries and sandwiches.”
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“My favorite coffee shop in Cihangir. You can work inside or relax outside of the cafe. Also, they have delicious deserts. ”
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“The main campus of Bogaziçi University is 15 minutes away, where you can have a great view of Bosphorus amongst great flora.”
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Pide Place
“Die beste Pide gibt es meiner Meinung nach bei Pide Sun. Pide ist so eine Art türkische Pizza in länglicher Schiffsform. Belegt wird Pide mit beispielsweise Hackfleisch, Spinat und/oder Ziegenkäse. Das ist übrigens auch meine Lieblingskombination. ”
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“İnci pastanesi = Profiterol (dessert) This place has existed since my childhood, everyone works at this place is really good friends of mine. You need to go there and pick up a plate of profiterol. Definitely a Beyoğlu classic taste”
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