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Bästa butikerna i Leadville

Home Goods Store
“Like a small-town Target - combo of groceries, some basic clothing and essentials. Stroll straight across Hwy 24, turn right, and you'll see it right away on the left. Can get there on foot faster than by car, weather permitting.”
5 lokalinvånare rekommenderar
Jewelry Store
“Gorgeous jewelry! Beautiful clothes! A real nice boutique especially for our little town. ”
3 lokalinvånare rekommenderar
Book Store
“For those of us who like to still hold a book, flip pages and dog ear while we read!”
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Thrift / Vintage Store
“So much fun to wander around. Don't forget to go upstairs! Check out the ancient sleds, skis, photos, and more. Stuff is pretty pricey for an antique shop, best for browsing and getting ideas. ”
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Discount Store
“For price this place can't be beat. Has some basic groceries. If you're on a tight budget and need something basic, make it your first stop.”
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