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Från sightseeing till gömda smultronställen – ta reda på vad som gör staden unik med hjälp av lokalinvånarna som känner till den bäst.

“Formerly a car repair warehouse, this is now a place where eight local artists have their workshops. More than that, though, hundreds of artisans receive training and make connections through the GoDown programme. It’s in the industrial area, with colourful graffiti on the walls. I like to visit the workshop of Michael Soi and pick up one of his famous tote bags. Each one is hand-designed and unique. You can just rock up to the GoDown Arts Centre during the day and wander between the workshops, chat with the artists, learn more about their work and inspirations and, of course, purchase some of their incredible pieces!”
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“Great place for lunch and dinner that's suitable for couples and family or larger groups. The menu is quite good at a moderate price.”
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Afrikansk restaurang
“If you are new to Kenya, this could be the closest you get to our famous Nyama Choma (roasted meat). Prices are on higher side though”
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“Everything under one roof. Everything under one roof, nearest to do all your shopping and modern eatery joints Organic fresh vegetables and fruits readily available here”
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Afrikansk restaurang
Car Dealer
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“Very basic restaurant and take out place - a place to sit on Walton style benches to eat your yum, UK chippie style chips! So very good... rotisserie chicken as well and a small selection of other snacks available. A good go-to place when you need some good comfort food. Very reasonable prices - The one that I use is the one in Gigiri near United Nations Avenue”
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“They always have events that will keep you glued to the venue , delicacies that awaken your senses, and quality drinks including cocktails.”
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“The Nyayo Stadium is a great place to go for a run. It’s a full-size stadium with a big grass pitch and a running track skirting around the edge. You can also make use of the stairs and benches to add some variation to your workout. The best time to come is between 4 and 6 pm. They charge two dollars for entry. Before you visit, it’s worth checking the website to make sure there are no events on. If there’s a soccer game on or a public holiday the running track will be out of action. ”
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Soccer stadium
“Where local soccer games are played. Attendance is huge, especially among lower- and middle-class Kenyans because tickets are affordable—sometimes free—and Kenyans are crazy about soccer! Local teams play every fortnight February to November. The year’s biggest event is the Mashemeji Derby, which is like Manchester United playing Manchester City. It’s worth coming as early as possible when there’s a game on, at least two hours in advance, to get tickets.”
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Point of Interest
“Dust Depo is the brainchild of Kenyan artist Patrick Mukabi. It’s set in a warehouse at the Railway Museum, surrounded by vintage trains. Patrick’s work is famous across Kenya, and he created this space to give young local artists a place to train and work. It’s always filled with lots of different artwork and artists being creative. One of the walls at Dust Depo is covered in a huge graffiti mural created by a range of artists including Spray Uzi, a graffiti group here in Nairobi. It’s huge and fantastic, well worth seeing.”
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