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Best things to do in Rom

“Designed by Donato Bramante (a rival of Michelangelo) the chiostro or cloister was once the centre of a Renaissance monastery. After careful restoration, this elegant complex is now used for some of the city’s best and most popular exhibitions.”
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“The Centrale Montemartini Museum presents marble statues from the Capitoline Collection set against the backdrop of preserve turbines, diesel engines and steam boilers to create one of the most thought-provoking museum spaces Rome has to offer.”
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“This invigorating museum has two locations that expose you to the wild world of modern art. With acclaimed international artists, a café, restaurant, terrace, bookshop and art installations, both galleries are fast becoming creative public meeting places. The Spazio Area has wifi, international art magazines, newspapers and holds events and workshops with poets, artists and philosophers. The MACRO in the Spazio area used to be a Peroni beer factory, while MACRO Testaccio is a former slaughterhouse with pavilions built as far back as 1888.”
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“Built between 298 and 306 AD, this thermal complex could accommodate up to 3000 people. Today, the ruins form part of one of the locations of the National Roman Museum. In addition to temporary displays such as 2016’s successful Henry Moore exhibition, visitors can take in various collections from ancient and imperial Rome, including historical inscriptions, artifacts, statues and sculptures.”
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Monument / sevärdhet
“Situated on Via dei Fori Imperiali, Trajan's Market is an archaeological complex that currently holds the Museum of Imperial Forums (Museo dei Fori Imperiali). It is considered to be Rome’s first “shopping center”. When you visit this Museum, you can stroll through Mercati di Traiano's various levels, as well as admiring several exhibitions that show the Imperial Forums' different aspects. The exhibitions are comprised of models and videos that try to transport visitors to classical Roman times.”
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Historisk plats
“catacombs of the early Christian period (built between the second and fifth centuries after Christ) placed on the consular road of Salaria. Valuable stone paintings depicting the virgin with the prophets.”
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“One of the most beatifull museum in Rome, incredible view and usually you can see the best exibitions of the main important artists of the world.”
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History Museum
“The Roman archaeological museum houses, together with that of Palazzo Altemps, collections of statues of ancient Rome (often Roman copies of Greek statues) and of Renaissance reproductions of Roman statues.”
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“placed along the Via Appia, near the gateway to the city of San Sebastiano, they are one of the very few examples of Christian cemeteries that have always remained accessible. The spatial arrangement of the tombs and the cemetery itself is astonishing.”
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“Where the President of Italy lives... hystorical building to visit with a free tour ”
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“Great fun for small children to have some time off from sight seeing. Full of fun activities. Closed on Mondays”
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“For a beautiful run, or a walk, or bicycle tour.... Is the biggest park inside Rome. From here you are really close to the Roman block "Gianicolo" and "Trastevere". We suggest to do all in one day.”
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“Blackmarket art gallery, in the heart of the mountain district, among art, music, cinema, aperitifs, ... A real fifties lounge in the center of Rome”
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Historisk plats
“Villa Medici is the Accademy of French Embassy but really excellent Building on the top of Piazza di Spagna with wonderfull garden.”
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“It is really a jewel of Beauty! On Saturday mornings a special guided tour in English and renaissance music. Amazing paintings by Raffaello, Giulio Romano e Sebastiano del Piombo. Opposite to it the Palazzo Corsini and the Botanical Garden.”
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“The National Gallery of Ancient Art houses on of the most important painting collections in Italy.”
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