Bästa Nattklubbar i Stockholm

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Nightclub called "Under bron" at wintertime and "Trädgården" at summer. Go here for dance and fun, especially in the summer! This is my favorite nightclub during the summer. Go there early, there c... läs mer

Stockholm's most popular outdoor/indoor night club! In the summer time, the open space features DJ:s, a burger joint, several bars, a pingpong table and much more. In the winter time, everything mo... läs mer

Summernight in Stockholm is best spent on Trädgården, an outside-but-under-a-bridge-nightclub and bar area where you can drink cavas and beer, play table tennis and super mario bros with strangers,... läs mer

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THE place to be for the young beautiful Stockholm crowd, summer time is mostly out doors indie/house vibe, winter time its more of a techno & house club. Go early the queue be loooooooong.

What a magical place! If Disney World and Di Caprio's The Island had an urban child, this would be the resulting offspring! Music and fun till 3 am (be there before 10pm if you want to get in).

Great nightclub, go here after either some small dancing at a bar or a home party, the latest night hours between 2-5AM are the best.

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Apart from the regular nightclub you will find "The Wall" and "V" within, these are some of Stockholm trendies nightclubs!

Another one of Stockholms most famous nightclubs, be sure to dress properly and bring your wallet. I prefer to paint the picture of this being like a game of Super Mario Bros. Having 8 distinct s... läs mer

Inside you will find "The Wall" and "V". These are some of Stockholm's most exclusive nightclubs. You need to be really hot or rich to get in, or know someone who can get you in.

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Trendy night club in the middle of Stockholm. Close at 5am, so don't be there too early.

It is one of the few nightclubs that close at 5, so a very popular destination when all other bars close.

One of the most popular places in Stureplan, this nightclub has expensive cover but if you are looking for a big night out dancing, Spy Bar does not disappoint.

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Nightclub/Bar closes at 2. Very poshy and small, therefore they make the age limit to 23-25 at times. Nothing too special but a good bar with a long line.

Other bars are empty? Not this place, probably good any day in the week and open late.

Great mix of music and a big outdoor space. Everyone is dancing all over the place since there is no real dancefloor!

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A brilliant place that always has great live shows and most of them for free. Mostly blues, jazz and soul music.

Jazz place, very close to tourist spots as well. Very cozy.

Nice place with live music. Often jazz

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Alternative club in Globen area

My favorite club in Stockholm!

If you love techno or think that the setting is more important than the music this is the place for you! As the name suggests it's an old slaughter house. Though there's no blood left the interior ... läs mer

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If you care more about the music than the crowd

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This is my favourite nightclub in Stockholm because of the upper house music floor. It is for people aged above 23 on weekends and from 18 and up on Wednesdays.

One of the few nightclubs that are open later than 03:00 (am).

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This place opens already at 12 (11 am if it's sunny outside). They serve a good price lunch, and is fun all day through the late night. For cocktail or to just have a nice and different late night ... läs mer

Gay bar and also frequented by many locals

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Karaoke and bar, a bit older crowd

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Closes at 5. Has an old rock bar one stair up if you need a break from the regular dance floor in the main area and want a change of scenery.