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Så fungerar omdömen med foton

A review with photos goes beyond traditional ratings and text to include photos taken by guests during their stay.

Currently, this new feature is available to guests traveling from mainland China. Here’s how it will work in limited availability: mainland Chinese guests will be able to add photos to their reviews and view photos from other mainland Chinese guests. Guests outside this region can only check out the rating and text from reviews with photos.

As a Host, you'll be able to view these photos in the reviews section of your listing.

Review verification process

Before it's added to your listing, each photo is automatically reviewed by our system to confirm it's relevant.

Any photo flagged as "questionable" goes through manual verification. The photo won't be visible on the review page while it's being reviewed.

The verification process usually takes 1-2 days. Once approved, the photos will appear below the corresponding review.

Protecting your privacy

If any photo in a review raises privacy concerns or violates Airbnb's Content Policy, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Additionally, you can request a copy of your data for all the reviews as a downloadable data file, including both text and images, which helps you efficiently manage and review your personal data at any time.

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